Using Contracts To Limit Disputes

Since 2004, Seattle and the Eastside's business owners have retained the legal services of the Comstock Law Firm to give them a lasting edge over their counterparts. We review business agreements, ensuring that our clients enter into agreements that benefit their enterprises.

For startups and small companies, the terms of a contract can dictate the future success or failure of the endeavor and/or lead to costly disputes. Rather than resolve problems in court, we strive to address potential situations proactively. We draft, negotiate, and execute enforceable agreements to reduce the possibility of litigation in Washington courts.

Drafting Contracts That Enhance Your Business

Having worked in real estate and construction, our principal attorney has designed many agreements that are specific to these fields such as:

  • Employment contracts, severance agreements, noncompete agreements and confidentiality agreements
  • Indemnity agreements
  • Extra work or change orders
  • Buy-sell agreements, bills of sale, purchase agreements, warranties and security agreements
  • Property and equipment leases
  • Real estate contracts and rental agreements

Practiced in reviewing contracts, we can identify and explain aspects of an agreement that may be complex and difficult to understand, and can identify unfavorable or defective terms. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and will work to develop an agreement that serves your company. In representing your interests at the bargaining table, we can ensure that you are fully informed when you sign the document and are satisfied with its conditions.

Our Attorneys Will Aggressively Represent Your Interests During Negotiations

It is risky to rely on the goodwill of others to present a contract that is favorable to your interests. Contact us for a review of your existing agreements or to prepare your next business contracts. Arrange a meeting at our Bellevue office by calling 425-748-7946 or completing our brief contact form.