Designing Economical Strategies For Contractors And Builders

In 1987, John Comstock, principal attorney at the Comstock Law Firm, established Comstock Construction, Inc. As the owner and operator of a construction company for over a decade, John bid on and completed many residential and commercial projects, overseeing all steps from pre-purchase to the post-construction phase. John's diligence in pursuing contracts, flexibility in adjusting to changes throughout the process, and knowledge of the industry's best practices enabled him to complete many area residential and commercial projects.

John's experience in the construction field led him to recognize the need for effective representation for small contractors and construction businesses within the Seattle and Eastside area. In 2004, John founded the Comstock Law Firm and has been recognized for providing value-added representation in the field of construction law.

Drawing On A Builder's Background To Efficiently Resolve Construction Disputes

As an attorney, John uses his extensive experience in the field to support his clients as they engage in complex processes such as:

Additionally, John develops cost-effective strategies to help his clients protect their financial interests when conflicts arise in matters such as:

  • Contract disputes
  • Extra work or change orders
  • Liens or collections
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Sureties and bonds
  • Indemnity and additional insured endorsements

Throughout his tenure at Comstock Construction, Inc., John's adherence to a budget ensured that his company remained competitive. He recognizes that relying on litigation as a means to resolve disputes quickly depletes money and time. It is for this reason that he strives to address conflicts in an innovative manner outside of the courtroom.

Partner With An Attorney Who Knows The Industry

When legal disputes arise, call the lawyers who have faced the same challenges confronting Washington state contractors and builders today. Serving businesses throughout metro Seattle area, our firm has an office in Bellevue. Please call us at 425-748-7946 or complete our intake form.