Investing In The Future With Estate Planning

Building a foundation for any undertaking may not be as exciting as unveiling the final product; however, remaining committed during the initial stages of an endeavor ensures that the development proceeds smoothly. What is created in the end occurs through a careful consideration of protocols, cooperation of a crew, and the foresight to plan for setbacks.

At the Comstock Law Firm, we recognize that the same can be said for drafting wills and estates. While it is a process that is commonly put off, developing an estate plan is important for your own peace of mind, and for your loved ones.

When a well thought out final product is created, you can take comfort that the wishes of the decedent will be followed and that property and titles can be transferred efficiently and with minimal court involvement. As part of our comprehensive legal services, we advise and design estate plans for our clients in Washington state.

Drafting Wills And Trusts To Limit Probate

In addition to drafting wills, trusts, and estate planning documents, we advise our clients in matters such as:

  • Probate and estate administration
  • Probate and estate litigation
  • Trust administration and litigation
  • Will and trust contests
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Having represented our clients in other capacities, we can draft their estate plans in an efficient manner, limiting the time and expense that would be incurred in referring this task to out-of-house attorneys. Familiar with the quality of work we produce, our clients know that their personal affairs will be addressed according to their wishes.

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